My name is Chloe Florence. I am a black sheep. A woman who sees faces in wood panels, who draws hearts in the fog of the shower door, who cries at public displays of affection, who feels deeply that there is more to everything than meets the eye. I am vulnerable and raw. My music serves as an infinity mirror my audience can use to feel seen and heard. I am a girl who believes in spirit and tarot cards and astrology as a means of better understanding myself and my purpose. I stand with the girls who are fiercely loyal and at times to a fault, who have given to those who do nothing but take. 

I write for the girls who have been labeled “too much”, who have been left behind for wanting more for themselves. For the girls who pinch at their skin in the mirror but wear the outfit anyways. For the girls who hate themselves but love themselves just that much more. For the girls who grew up too fast and tear up at the thought of themselves at sixteen. I will do this till it all makes sense. My name is Chloe and I just wanted you to know a bit more. 


FEBRUARY 15,  2024
Soho House Red Mic
Toronto, ON

FEBRUARY 10,  2024
National Anthem: NHL Montreal Canadians vs Dallas Stars
Centre Bell, QC

JANUARY 31,  2024
Live Show at Baby
Montreal, QC

DECEMBER 14,  2023
YVR Sounds,  
Vancouver, BC

MARCH 30,  2023
National Anthem: NHL Montreal Canadians vs Florida Panthers,
Centre Bell, QC

FEBRUARY 22,  2023
National Anthem: 2022 - 2023 Rivalry Series, IIHF Women's World Championship USA vs Canada,
Place Bell, QC

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